Inert to Showcase New De-Powdering Enclosure with Argon Gas Management System and More at RAPID + TCT

May 01, 2017 at 11:48 AM


As part of its ongoing effort to educate decision makers about its solutions of benefit to the additive manufacturing industry, Inert will exhibit at RAPID + TCT in Pittsburgh, Penn., May 8 to 11. Inert encourages expo attendees to stop by booth 1147 to explore its new De-Powdering Enclosure with gas management system, designed to equally protect operators from unhealthy exposure and metal powders from atmospheric contamination.

Inert’s De-Powdering Enclosure is designed to benefit the post-build additive manufacturing process by safely collecting excess metal powders from printed parts for reuse, in effect saving money and waste. This de-powdering procedure is conducted within an argon atmosphere controlled by Inert’s Argon-2 Gas Management System to avoid contamination from oxygen, moisture, dust, organic matter, or plastic - any of which could render metal powders useless, or require costly tracing and removal. Keeping airborne powder particulate within Inert’s controlled atmosphere also eliminates user health risks, damage to area electronics, and fire hazards related to the combustibility of titanium powders.

As a result of a new partnership with Sievgen to benefit the additive manufacturing industry, Inert will also feature the Sievgen 04 automated sieving station, which allows users to safely work with, weigh and measure, reclaim, and transfer powders, metal or otherwise.

Inert specializes in customizable solutions for aerospace, medical devices, and other additive manufacturing applications that use metal powders. Learn more about Inert’s additive manufacturing enclosures, gas management systems, and powder containment options at www.inert-am.com.

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