System Applications

Glove Boxes for Sensitive Chemicals & Materials

The weighing, handling and packaging of air and moisture-sensitive chemicals and materials is of vital importance in the processing and manufacturing of new materials for a wide variety of applications. The ability to handle raw materials, perform reactions, work up reaction mixtures and prepare samples for analysis within a continuous oxygen and moisture-free environment greatly increases user throughput.

Inert provides glove boxes for speciality chemicals and materials and solvent purification systems that allow any air and moisture-sensitive material to be handled and processed inside a carefully maintained atmosphere. Temperature-sensitive materials can be stored inside a glove box integrated freezer; reactions can be performed inside the glove box as easily as if performed inside a fumehood. Cooling fluid can be circulated into and out of the chemical glove box to allow reflux condensers to be used. An integrated solvent purification system can be kept safely contained inside an inert gas working atmosphere.

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Accessories such as mass flow dispensing, TGA analyses equipment, hotplates, solvent purification systems, stirrers, balances, rotary evaporators can all be used inside glove boxes. Any experiment that can be performed inside a fumehood or on a lab bench can be performed inside a suitably designed and configured Chemical Glovebox System.


Glove boxes suitable for use in hazardous locations can be engineered to meet your specific application.  Call us at (978) 462-4415 to discuss your requirements.