System Applications

Glovebox Systems for Organic Photovoltaic Devices

Alternative Energy production is of enormous interest and importance. Organic Photovoltaic devices offer the potential to combine low cost plastic substrates with the flexibility of small organic molecules. Inert glove boxes and solvent purification systems make Organic Photovoltaic devices possible.

Inert designs and manufactures Glovebox Systems with integrated components to allow research and development of Organic Photovoltaic structures under a completely inert, oxygen and moisture-free atmosphere.


The integration of key components such as an Inert solvent purification system, thin film deposition tools, spin coaters, ovens, ink-jet printers, ellipsometers and solar simulators allow the researcher to deposit, characterize and test OPV device structures under the highest quality inert atmosphere. 


Inert partners with many leading manufacturers of equipment for OPV research and development to ensure that the end product is of the highest quality.


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