Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) Solutions

Organic Light Emitting Diodes


Curved screens, increased color options, and dazzling wall and lighting configurations are just some of the advancements in consumer tech made by organic light emitting diodes. Our customers  in the OLED and PLED (polymer-organic light emitting diode) industry use Nitrogen Management Systems and Glovebox Enclosures to protect the thin film deposition process and ensure the highest quality result. 


Inert designs integrated Glovebox Enclosures to allow for research, development, and production of OLED & PLED device structures, and testing without contamination or exposure to atmospheric conditions. Designed to consider the integration of key components such as thin film deposition tools, spin coaters, ovens, and ink-jet printers, and often driven by available space, Inert's PureLab HE platform provides the modularity and flexibility required to make systems integrate seamlessly.





 Glovebox Enclosures


Custom PureLab HE Systems



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 Nitrogen Management


O2 + H2O sensing



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 Thin Film Deposition


Angstrom Engineering



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 Ancillary Equipment


UV Ozone Cleaners & More



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