System Applications

Lithium-ion Battery Development Glovebox Systems

High efficiency batteries are a vital component in modern electronic devices. Lithium-ion batteries in particular require moisture-free environments for manufacturing and testing. Inert atmosphere Glovebox Systems provide a highly controllable moisture-free environment.

Inert designs and manufactures Glovebox Systems with integrated components to allow research and development of Lithium-ion batteries under a completely inert, oxygen and moisture-free atmosphere.


The integration of key components such as ovens, hydraulic presses, video microscopes, solvent purification systems, and electrical feedthroughs to interface with battery testing equipment allow the researcher to produce and test battery device structures under the highest quality inert atmosphere.

Inert partners with many leading manufacturers of equipment for battery research and development to ensure that the end product is of the highest quality. Inert glove boxes make Lithium-ion batteries possible.