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Laser Welding Glovebox Systems for Manufacturing

Glove boxes provide a controlled inert atmosphere for manufacturing and assembly processes. Inert is a leading provider of Laser Glovebox Systems along with glove box accessories, including both integrated and retro fit gas purification units, process ovens, analyzers, vacuum equipment, and much more. Inert glove boxes with integrated laser welders can be used in a variety of applications including but not limited to...


Electronic Packaging - Glove box laser welding and resistance welding are well suited to electrical applications that require an inert atmosphere, precision and low heat input welding solutions. Inert can provide high throughput systems including process ovens and other accessories geared towards inert electronic packaging applications.

Lamp Manufacturing - Many welding applications for today's modern lamp assemblies require joining small diameter tubing and thin foils. Glove boxes are utilized to create reliable welds when fine control and atmospheric monitoring is crucial. All of Inert's glove boxes and integrated welding products have real time process control to ensure consistent high quality results.

Medical Devices - Inert can provide a wide range of both resistance and laser welding glove boxes to medical device manufacturers who require a reliable and maintainable inert atmosphere when fine control and atmospheric monitoring is crucial. Glove boxes and our integrated welders feature closed loop power feedback and built-in quality monitors and available data logging that will assist in meeting FDA's standard for the production of medical devices.

Battery Manufacturing - A reliable and maintainable inert atmosphere is key in most resistance and laser welding battery fabrication steps. These joining technologies are suited to many kinds of batteries; lithium ion, nickel-metal hydride, lead acid, nickel-cadmium and alkaline. In addition to covering sizes including: N—all sizes, AAA (LR03 / R03)—all sizes, AA (LR6 / R6)—all sizes, Sub C & C. 

Solar Cell Production - Laser welding and resistance welding of thin film solar cells, spot welding to cells, marking of silicon can all be performed under an inert atmosphere in a Glovebox.


Please ask us how we can engineer an Inert Glove Box for your laser welding requirements.

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